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Great campground bag: Pelcor Essential Tote

Essential Tote (l); Essential Tote B (right)
Essential Tote (l); Essential Tote B (right)
image provided by Pelcor

Pelcor Essential Tote


Are you looking for the perfect tote to hold all of your bathhouse supplies for camping trips? If so, Pelcor’s Essential Tote just might be your dream campground bag. The folks at Pelcor provided me with one of these high-quality cork bags to try for myself, and I found it to be a perfect carry-all for this purpose.

Eco-Friendly Cork Tote

What makes the Essential Tote from Pelcor so well-suited for a campground bathhouse bag is the fact that it is made entirely of cork. Not only is cork an eco-friendly, renewable material, it also has numerous other benefits that make it well-suited for tent and RV campers – better suited than many other bags that are similar in size and design. This bag is recommended on the Green Goods section of the Sierra Club’s website, so it’s no surprise that it’s a good option for camping enthusiasts.

The material the bag is made from - Pelcor® cork skin - is waterproof, which is what gave me the idea of using it for my bathhouse supplies – and that fact also makes the bag a great choice for the beach, swimming pool, gym – and even for commuting back and forth to work or going to the farmer’s market. The material is flexible and lightweight, features that make for easy packing, carrying and storage. The bag is also very sturdy and has two interior pockets to help keep your gear organized.

Great-Looking Bag

Pelcor’s Essential Tote is just as attractive as it is functional. The cork material is beautiful and the material is smooth to the touch. The bag is available in three shades: natural cork (the lightest tone), coffee and dark blue. As it is made out of real cork skin and there are subtle shading and pattern variations in this natural material, no two bags are identical.


The Essential Tote is 32 cm long x 40 cm tall x 10 cm wide, a size that I found to be perfect for a campground bathhouse tote. It comfortably held all of my shower and cosmetic supplies, as well as accessories and small apparel items (like socks and undies), with plenty of room to snap closed to keep them protected from moisture in the damp bathhouse environment.

If you prefer a bag that is wider than it is tall, you may like the Essential Tote B better than the Essential Tote that I used. The Essential Tote B is 40 cm long x 32 cm tall x 16 cm wide, which is also a good size for a campground bathhouse bag.

Perfect Bathhouse Tote

Whether you are a tent or RV camper, chances are that you will find this particular tote to be an absolutely perfect bag for all of your bathhouse supplies. When you’re not enjoying time in the great outdoors, you can also use it for many other purposes as well. The Essential Tote is priced at $220 and the Essential Tote B is $215; both can be ordered from PelcorUSAcom.

Note: While I received a sample bag from Pelcor for review, the opinions presented here are my own.

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