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Graze keeps entrepreneurs fueled throughout the day

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Graze nibblebox


Being an entrepreneur is hard work, and without the proper fuel, those long days seem even longer. Enter Graze. For $6 a box, subscribers get four healthy snacks: nuts, dried fruit, popcorn or other tasty treats. In Springfield, it's hard to find unique, healthy snacks, so I signed up for Graze's nibblebox, which promised treats like blueberry-infused cranberries, rosemary and garlic cashews and enticing fruit and nut mixes.

My first box did not disappoint. I received Morning Energizer, a blend of banana chips, raisins and walnuts; Black Pepper Pistachios; Keen Been, a mix of chili broad beans, edamame and red skin peanuts; and Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn. I loved the Morning Energizer; that was the first snack I tore into, and eating handfuls of it was delicious. The Keen Bean was okay; I wasn't a fan of the edamame after all. I prefer my edamame steamed, so I won't be getting that one again. The Black Pepper Pistachios had the perfect kick to them, as did the Black Pepper Popcorn.

The best part about the nibblebox is that subscribers can choose how often to get them: weekly, every other week or every four weeks. Graze also offers the option to opt out of certain types of boxes in one fell swoop, like non-vegan or gluten-packed boxes, as well as rating individual snacks so that they don't show up in future boxes.

All in all, Graze is the perfect complement to an entrepreneur's day. Sign up at and use the code NQJ5NX3CP, exclusive to the Springfield Entrepreneurship Examiner, to get your first and fifth box free.

Box was paid for by the Springfield Entrepreneurship Examiner. No promotional consideration was received for this review of the nibblebox.