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'Gravity' is worthy of its Oscar success



Last night, "Gravity" won several Academy Awards, including Best Director, Alfonso Cuaron. It was recently released on Blu-ray.

"Gravity" stars Sandra Bullock. She plays Ryan Stone, a medical engineer turned astronaut working on a satellite in space. As Ryan is working, debris from a Russian satellite hits the area where she is working, and she is projected from her safety zone. The only other astronaut to survive is Matt Kowalski (played by George Clooney), a garrulous veteran planning on retiring after this mission. In order to survive, they must make their way to the international space station where there is a ship that can take them to earth. Matt surmises that if he can keep Ryan distracted by telling funny stories and getting her to talk, she will be much less apprehensive about their precarious situation. Though this strategy meets with some success, she is clearly more uneasy about their safety than he is.

This film earned Sandra Bullock a well-deserved Oscar nomination. Since she is confined to a bulky space suit, she lacks most of the tools she can normally use to play emotions. Through her helmet and with her body, Bullock conveys the panic that her character contends with as a series of space accidents makes her situation worse. George Clooney is also good as Matt. He has the same challenges that Bullock has, and he is absolutely masterful with his voice.

"Gravity" has outstanding set designs and special effects. Alfonso Cuaron does a splendid job of making the audience feel like they are in space with the main characters. Also, he does a great job with action sequences. The scene when the debris first hits, early in the film, is very suspenseful. There are many scenes throughout the film when Ryan runs low on oxygen, which are quite dramatic.

"Gravity" is a must-see for fans of science fiction. But it is very intense and not for everyone.