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Gramercy Park Pizza and Grill--Elegant Chill

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Gramercy Park Pizza and Grill


The hot days of summer can make it uncomfortable to heat up the oven and cook lunch for the family. However, this weather can lend to exploring new restaurants. One local restaurant that offers fresh and unique food is Gramercy Park Pizza and Grill in Meridian.

As the name applies, their specialty is pizza of the artisan flavor. The thin, crispy crust has the delicious wood fire roasting through it. Since they are hand made, the crust is happily misshapen. Its loaded with fresh toppings that a knife and fork are necessary to enjoy it. Each pizza has an unique name that gives it character, such as Astoria or whimsical like Maui Wowei.

Though it may not be thought of as summer fare, their lentil pork and rosemary soup should not be passed up. This robust soup is more like a stew, with its rosemary's tang and homemade flavor.

Their website home page is not an exaggerated posing-- their wait staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on the menu items if there are any questions. The prices are reasonable, and they offer a separate kid's menu. This small, yet elegant restaurant's design with high ceilings is able to disseminate the noise level that conversations are possible. The polished wood tables and chairs are nicely spaced out so there is plenty of elbow room. The designer bar along the side is a suggestion that this restaurant is also be a destination for a grown up date night. Afternoon or night time, this restaurant has it covered.