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Gourmet sausages at The Gage

Sausage close-up: The Gage offers a platter of sausages for encased meat aficionados.
Sausage close-up: The Gage offers a platter of sausages for encased meat aficionados.
Elizabeth SanFilippo

The Gage Restaurant


One of the biggest draws to The Gage restaurant in downtown Chicago is its appetizer, a Scotch egg. While this hard-boiled egg surrounded in sausage and then deep fried is a real treat, it's not the only reason to join the tourists in this elegant but comfortable restaurant.

The Gage also offers some locally crafted sausages during both lunch and dinner. This is definitely a meat and potatoes platter, especially considering the three sausages come with crisp potatoes topped with brie and a side of grain mustard. While the kind of encased meats rotate, expect interesting flavors no matter what the offerings. One Saturday, the offerings included a house-made Polish pork and duck sausage. The third sausage hails from South Chicago, Bobak Sausage Company's elk sausage.

What these sausages lack though, and what they can learn from other gourmet encased meat purveyors in the city, is toppings. It's all about the meat with this dish, and that can be a tad underwhelming.

As if attempting to make up for that lack, this upscale restaurant also offers, during lunch, a succulent duck sausage. With the focus on one sausage and one only, the toppings are piled high and include frisee, fried giardiniera, pickles, and duck vinaigrette. The only difficulty with this honker of a sandwich is getting every ingredient in every bite, because it’s such a big sandwich.

The Gage menu is also of course packed with other delectable treats that don’t include encased meats. Hint: try the poutine, a much better complement to the sausages than the heavy and somewhat lackluster potatoes.

The Gage
24 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 372-4243

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