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Gourmet Pizza puts the toppings to the side

This is what Gourmet Pizza in New Paltz delivered, as it was seen as soon as the box was opened.
This is what Gourmet Pizza in New Paltz delivered, as it was seen as soon as the box was opened.
J. Robin Ward



Pizza place: Gourmet Pizza · 68 Main Street, New Paltz · 845/255-2666
Type: delivery
Ordered by: phone
Promised delivery time: 30-45 minutes
Actual delivery time: 32 minutes
Pizza ordered: Ham and pineapple
Other food: Two orders of garlic knots
Meal price: $18.65

Gourmet is located in the downtown bar district, and always has a variety of really delicious pizzas ready to serve to anyone who walks in. It's a little pricier than other pizza places in the area, and this season's delivery didn't exactly justify paying the premium.

The delivery driver tipped the pizza box while taking it out of its carrier . . . tipped it a lot. That's amateur, but the pizza posse agreed that her mistake wasn't enough to explain what we received. It's never a good sign when you feel a grease stain as you pick up a pizza box, and when this one was opened it showed the problem: all of the sauce, cheese, and toppings had slid over and piled up on one side of the box. "Pooled" might be a better word, because the cheese was still very soupy.

The posse's conclusion was that the driver hadn't learned how to keep a pizza level on a car seat, and may have had an undercooked pie in her car anyway. Car seats are all tilted a bit back for the comfort of the passengers, and a pizza won't stay level without help. Many delivery drivers use a textbook, block of wood, or other prop to level out the pies that are stacked on the passenger seat. How big a deal this is depends on the exact tilt of the car seat, and on how liquidy the cheese, sauce, and toppings are when the pizza is put in the box.

Also, a pizza should be allowed to cool for about a minute before it's cut, otherwise the cheese will run into the cuts between slices and defeat the purpose. This pizza was not given a chance to cool before slicing, and was certainly too hot to be put in a box; that was enough to make the delivery driver's inexperience with leveling pies a big enough problem to absolutely ruin this pizza.

Pizza review: It was certainly unappetizing to look at, and it was difficult to eat. Certainly the slices that were greasy and soggy because they'd been sitting under a flood of near-liquid pizza toppings were flavorful, but the denuded pieces on the other side weren't easy to repair, even using a spoon to move some cheese and sauce upon them. All the slices were limp, having suffered through the pizza equivalent of molestation.

Past experience with Gourmet pizzas suggests that this victim of pizza violence may have been more enjoyable had the police been called in time.

Other food review: Gourmet's garlic knots are on small side, but moist and very garlicky. They depend more on garlic flavor from dried product than from minced garlic itself, and napkins are needed while eating them because they do have a potential to stain clothing and paper plates alike.

The pizza posse has never reviewed Gourmet for delivery, but the last eat-in review shows that they can and do make decent food. Gourmet Pizza can, and has, done better.


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