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Got a Walmart water filter? Keep your receipt...

Walmart water filters


When you’re aiming to have a healthier lifestyle by holistic means, a source of pure water is paramount. To begin with, it’s no stretch to say that all life forms depend basically on water in a variety of ways to survive. Whether for agriculture, drinking, cleansing, cooking or even electric power, H2O is the most vital substance on our planet. To use water that is tainted by chemicals, heavy metals or any other pollutant is to undermine the existence of any species using it.

So when you want to cook nutritious, wholesome foods for yourself and your family, you wouldn’t dream of using sewer water, would you? Sure, your dog may lap up the toilet’s water with abandon, but the idea of putting that in your own glass at the table or making ice cubes with it is repugnant to any reasonable human. Therefore many of us prefer to either buy water that’s already guaranteed clean or to purify it ourselves. That’s where the water filter comes in, either on the faucet or in a carafe.

Unfortunately, good water filters are not cheap by any means. They also need to be replaced at least every couple months, depending on how much usage they receive. A large thirsty family is going to go through a lot more of these disposable cleansers than a single person who isn’t even at home that often. On the average, a normal filter, however, is estimated by most manufacturers to last about two months or forty gallons’ worth of use.

With the Walmart version of the most commonly-sold water purifier filter, though, this is not the case. A three-pack is a significant amount less expensive than the Brita brand, so let’s examine it for value. For the first couple days’ filtering, although somewhat slow to work, it did pass the water through satisfactorily. There was some carbon coming through into the water even after the instructions to pre-soak, drain, etc. had been followed. Then, it simply stopped working at all. Removing it, shaking it, rinsing it again, had no effect. Several hours of waiting for even a small amount of liquid to filter is ridiculous. You would be better off using a few layers of cheesecloth.

While the packaging does state the filters do not protect against a variety of hazardous contaminants, they do not state that water, itself, is something they prevent passing into your pitcher. In case you may think this was the exception rather than the rule, an entire box of these filters was used and the same results were achieved with all three items. You need not be a physicist to conclude, therefore, that the Walmart brand water filters are not worth even a try-out.

Advice: if you want to check out this product yourself, keep your receipt and don’t hesitate to return it, box and all as the packaging states. Better yet, spend the extra few dollars and go for whatever filter goes with the purifier you originally purchased, such as Brita in this instance. You’ll save a lot more money in the long run when you find you do not need to replace the filter every couple days. It’s either that or buy those huge bottles you need Herculean strength to carry (filled) or the tiny bottles that are littering the environment all over. Then, there’s always tap water if you simply don’t care. Your health is worth the expenditure.