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TV Episode Pretty Little Liers


Tuesday, marked the 100th episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars', and the return of Jenna and Caleb...

Secrets out the Queen of mean is back

It also marked Ali’s return to Rosewood High, resulting in emotions, curiosity, and hysteria on the part of her friends and classmates....

Ali went to school, uncharacteristically wearing a conservative outfit - not her usual taste. A magenta colored handbag, gave the appearance she was a teacher and not the student . The scene outside of Rosewood High, was also reminiscent of when Toby returned to school after being in jail...... After apologizing to two of her former targets, “Cindy and Mindy,” Ali forged ahead. She confessed that she’d forgotten where the guidance counselor’s office was and asked her friends to take her.

As the Liars, take in the new information, a huge explosion rocks the neighborhood and blows out a window. The group goes out to see pure chaos — cars overturned and Toby’s house engulfed in flames. Toby, likely thinking that Jenna might be in the house, runs toward it, despite Spencer’s pleas that he stay with the group. A chorus of text notifications go off indicating that "A" is back to make all of their lives continuously miserable!

Lingering questions: Did anyone else notice the look that Ali and Caleb exchanged? Do they have history we don’t know about? Is Ezra back with Aria back and public and about it? Has Emily forgiven Ali? Are Hanna and Travis going to just fizzle out now that Caleb is back? I'm sorry. Did I forget to mention Caleb is back from good 'ole scary "Ravenswood".

I, don't want to spoil your fun. So, if you missed it, tune in. This is just a little sample of what is to come.

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