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GoPro cameras a serious tool for the hunter

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GoPro Cameras


GoPro cameras have become the rage with sports activities of all kinds, and are also the perfect companion for a hunter. These GoPro HERO3+ cameras come in 5 Mega Pixel, 10 MP and 12 MP versions.

What separates them from all of the point and shoot cameras is the fact that they can shoot 1080 High Definition video as well as excellent still images.
In fact they offer a variety of video options which includes slow motion, a variety of frames per second (12fps for 4k video at 17x9 to 240fps for 480 video) and resolution 480, 720, 960, 1080, 2.7k and 4k (these are the specifications for the Black edition, the unit under test, lesser units do not have the higher settings of each).
These cameras come equipped with a waterproof housing that is not just water resistant, but waterproof down to around 90ft.
GoPro offers a variety of accessories that include a chest harness not unlike those used for binoculars, which allows for an interesting viewpoint of an archers arrow for example.
Also offered is free software that allows the camera to be controlled by an iphone or ipad. They also come with a wifi operated remote control such that the hunter can get those selfies with their trophy.

Although just a little heavy on the menu side, once mastered it is relatively easy, and in addition the cameras can be set up for one button control so that they start recording at a single button push, which of course makes life easier in the heat of the hunt.

The still images and video are of excellent quality although due to the very wide angle lens, it is best to ‘fix’ the images in Photoshop, ACR or other software.
GoPro also offer free editing software.

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