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'Goodfellas (1990)' Movie Review: I always wanted to be a gangster

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Goodfellas (1990)


Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) always wanted to be a gangster. He grew up in East New York, Brooklyn. It was an Italian neighborhood and Henry would quit school in 1955 to join up with a crew. The head of the crew was Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino). Henry would be a runner for Paulie and as time went on he would get more responsibility. When he was old enough he would help sell stolen cigarettes and it would be here that he would meet Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci).

The two boys would make names for themselves and would eventually meet James "Jimmy" Conway (Robert DeNiro). Now Jimmie was a thinker and could make some money. At one point the group would heist Air France of some half a million dollars. The Air France job was the big time.

One night in 1970, a made man by the name of Billy Batts (Frank Vincent) was just released from prison and was at Henry's bar having some drinks. Batts insults Tommy and after closing time they kill Batts. Now this is bad news and can come back to haunt them.

Henry was married and had children by this time. Henry unfortunately also had a drug problem. He was making good money but he was also using quite a bit and so was his wife Karen (Lorraine Bracco). Henry would make mistakes and it would send him to prison for some time. Now Paulie and some others were also in the same cell and they actually did well for where they were at. It's about this time in the movie when all starts to unravel and you will have to watch the end to get the whole story.

Director Martin Scorsese does a beautiful job telling the story of Henry Hill. Some of the names were changed but the characters and people are all here together. It was a time when the mob ruled and people didn't get in the way. Actually for the most part as long as you didn't have anything to do with the mob at that time then you never knew what was going on until after the fact.

This film is one of the best ever made when it comes to organized crime. It is certainly a must see and you should also pick up the DVD and keep it in your library. So sit back and be entertained and enjoy.