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Good hype does not equal great story for Legends: The Enchanted

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Legends: The Enchanted


Legends: The Enchanted is a perfect example of concept and hype building a brand-in-the-making, with a disappointing experience. With news carrying from the summer that LA comic publisher Radical and Ron Howard were to adopt this graphic novel into a movie, my expectations shot through the roof while building anticipation to read Percival’s pages. Shortly after, I got myself a copy and began the journey.

I’ve never read a Percival book before, nor have I viewed his art in a bound format. But seeing the preview images online, and reading the preview book, I expected the graphic novel to have high quality and engaging content.

Alas, the book ended in an unhappy note, equivalent to what many have witnessed when seeing a great movie preview in theaters then learning in the end that it’s an M. Night Shyamalan film. The story was fragmented during the building of the final battle scene, so much that I thought I skipped pages when flipping but realizing that the story jumped from one scene to another wit h confusing transitions.

The biggest let down was the display of art. Percival’s creative and details are superb, where each page literally had a painting I’d personally buy if on canvas. But to see the art, I had to read in a room with two bright lamps nearby, and squint closely to the page to make out who’s who in smaller frames. The book would of been a better presentation if the art had a chance to breathe. Regarding the story, characters were shown, but not introduced.

The ending was rushed. At least give a thorough battle scene with the two evil sisters. Weren’t the evil sisters magical? They didn’t use magic once in their fight. The conclusion was quick, as if the story had to be packed into a set amount of pages. And the bonus content should of been in the beginning. Any good novel has a character description of some sort in the beginning, especially books with more than a handful of reoccurring characters.

The concept is great. Trailer is inspiring. The book is a good paperweight.