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Golden Silk Black Tea by Dream About Tea

Gold Silk
Gold Silk
Dream About Tea

I'm back! After taking nearly a year to live in rural Oregon, I'm heading back to Chi-town and looking forward to keeping everyone up to date on our latest tea happenings.

Name: Golden Silk

Brand/Retailer: Dream About Tea

Type: Chinese Black Tea from Yunnan

Form: Loose leaf

Review: On Steepster, I actually named this as my favorite black tea. Is it really? Well, maybe not. There are so many good teas out there, and my preferences change on a daily basis. But I started drinking this tea over two years ago, and I still keep coming back to it. In fact, it is one of my favorite teas to serve to other people.

Why do I like it so much? It's just plain tasty and a great tea for weaning oneself off the milk and/or sugar habit. Like all teas, it changes a bit over the years with each new harvest, but it remains complex, yet smooth and delicious.

Golden silk is a mix of dark brown leaves and golden buds with a spicy, slightly sweet nose. Once infused to a rich, dark amber, the spicy nose continues with a bit of smoke.

The most recent incarnation of this tea (purchased a few weeks ago) is a bit smokier and earthier than previous offerings, though this isn't a bad thing, particularly in winter. The tea still has its sweet/spicy caramel notes, but the smoke/earth backnotes provide a bit more grounding. Excellent with food or on its own.

Incidentally, this tea works fine with milk or sugar, but it doesn't need them.


  • Profile picture of Margaret Studer
    Margaret Studer 5 years ago

    Great to have you back on a regular basis.

    I discovered Golden Yunnan when I received it as a free sample from Teas Etc. It was one of the most delightful experiences of my life. It was my introduction to Chinese black teas. Previous to that I had only experienced Chinese green and oolong teas. The golden Yunnan opened my eyes and taste buds to a more mellow black tea the way I had only known it in Darjeeling.
    Tea seems to have infinite variety even without anyone adding fruit, flowers, and spices to it. Depending on which teas you drink, those elements are already in the tea. One only needs to learn to taste it.

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