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Golden Corral is bringing families together in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia



The Golden Corral in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia is bringing families together for meals at a reasonable price.

Golden Corral is a great place to take your family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are a all you can eat buffet and the prices are low for all the food you get, they have a large sitting area and lots of different foods for all tastes. The children and adults alike seem to really enjoy the chocolate fountain with not only white and dark chocolate but caramel as well. You can even get cotton candy which the child in all of us loves.

Golden Corral is located in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia near the Office Depot shopping center, go early because it is a busy place with many people enjoying meals there. I watched as many happy people enjoyed their meals. The servers are efficient and attentive and seem to enjoy their jobs. The customers all seemed pleased and were smiling when they left after their meals.

I would recommend Golden Corral if you are hungry and can eat a lot because there are many foods to choose from, they even have shrimp and steak at dinner, served many different ways, many desserts and salad options as well so next time you and your family are out and really hungry head to Fort Oglethorpe Georgia and go to Golden Corral and have a wonderful meal and a great time that you will never forget and you will return many more times in the future as this will become one of your favorite places to dine as it has become mine.