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‘Godzilla’ back with a blast

Godzilla (2014)


He stomps, he romps, he is all muscle, motion and waves, who is he? He is the king of monsters. In this newest reboot of the famed and beloved behemoth, Dr. Joe Brody, Brian Cranston, his wife, Sandra Brody, Juliette Binoche and their small son Young Ford, CJ Adams, live in Japan. The Brody’s are working for a nuclear power company when a series of odd earthquakes occur. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes.


Skip to fifteen years later, Dr. Brody is obsessed with discovering the true cause of the tragedy and the government cover- up. Ford, now a grown man, Aaron Taylor Johnson, is living in San Francisco with his wife, Elle, Elizabeth Olsen and their son, Sam, Carson Bolde. Ford works in EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). He receives a call that his father has been arrested for trespassing into the quarantined area of the power plant that exploded.

It is when he goes to Japan that the film really starts to pick up. From here mayhem ensues. We go from Japan to Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and finally Oakland. A sense of helplessness quickly ensues as the humans scramble to respond. This gives the all too human feeling of disjointedness, which does in fact occur when tragedies happen. Nothing they do works and they are bowed before the enormity of it. Thus, nature brings man to his knees and all they can do is watch in awe.

It is important to note that while Godzilla does not appear immediately in the film, the prelude to his arrival creates a story which is exciting and plausible. Godzilla undulates through the waves with grandeur. Every detail is carefully honed from the breath that comes out of his great nostrils to individual scales, so finely crafted that one does not feel they are watching a fantasy, but that they have stepped into an alternate reality, in which Godzilla in all his terrorizing glory really exists. This is a feast for the eyes, and ears ( His roar is amazing) that is unsurpassed.

While the themes in Godzilla are not new, the way they are depicted is. There are homages that old school Godzilla fans will appreciate. If they are thinking of rebooting the franchise, then this was a heck of a way to start.