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Godzilla: a hard character to take seriously?

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Previous attempts make Godzilla a hard character to take seriously, but Gareth Edward’s reboot is an exhilarating success.

The world’s most famous giant radioactive lizard is back and in our back yard, in the latest Hollywood attempt to revive the B-movie franchise. Far from being a wall-to-wall action movie where fighting monsters take over the screen, this Legendary and Warner Bros film, is a mix of slowly escalating tension with an intriguing background story at the beginning, and lots of beautifully outlined scenes, packed with emotion and visual-effects along the tape. Maybe not the monster movie some audiences are expecting, but definitely a very entertaining summer blockbuster, with a good story, great directing, and excellent performances.

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston stars as a nuclear physicist who investigates suspicious events at a Japanese nuclear facility, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) plays his son, a soldier called to duty when the beast starts destroying cities, from Honolulu to Las Vegas and San Francisco. Elizabeth Olsen completes the cast.

When director Gareth Edwards got the offer to direct a big-budget Godzilla remake, the first thing out of his mouth was “F--- me” he recalls. ''Then, to be honest, I was really nervous. If somebody's going to do a new Godzilla, they've got to do it right.'' His only prior credit was the critically acclaimed 2010 minibudget indie Monsters.

Judging for the claps and the cheers of the audience at the Godzilla IMAX 3D screening tonight at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Boulevard (3D completely unnecessary if you ask me), there’s no doubt that the movie will take a significant bite out of the box office next month, with a potential $60 million-plus opening domestically, according to early insider estimates.

Godzilla opens on Friday May 16th, and I recommend it. Who would have thought?