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'Gods of Guilt' is a legal thriller that will keep the dog days of winter away

Mickey Haller is a legal eagle in the Gods of Guilt
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Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly


Michael Connelly's latest Mickey Haller novel, The Gods of Guilt, is a top flight legal thriller from a master of this genre. Connelly, who has entertained with his great Harry Bosch series, returns once again to his Lincoln Lawyer series, and you will not be disappointed.

One of Connelly's many talents is to make Haller a sympathetic character by showing his troubles with his daughter, while still understanding that Haller will use any tactic to free his clients. Its a neat trick because most of Haller's clients are guilty.

Now, Haller has been hired by Andre LaCrosse, a digital pimp, who claims that while he is a criminal, who helps high priced call girls set up websites and then facilitates "dates" with his girls, he is not a killer. However, the cops suspect that LaCrosse killed Gloria. Turns out that the Glory "Days" as she was once known was a call girl that Haller represented years ago. Haller thought though that Glory was living the good life in Hawaii because he gave her a big payoff and got her off on a beef by flipping on a drug dealer. But now that drug dealer is seeking to get out of jail claiming that he was set up by Glory and the cops.

There are two aspects to a any legal thriller - the courtroom maneuvers and the investigation. Haller is a master of both.

Connelly ratchets up the tension with all of his considerable wiles, as Haller looks and finds a conspiracy -- in which Haller may have been played as an unwitting patsy in a ruthless attempt to lock the drug dealer up for far longer than his crime warranted. Glory Days may not have been the hooker with a heart of gold, but a willing participant in a railroad job. And no good deed goes unpunished.

It will take all of Haller's legal and investigative talents to try to get LaCrosse free, before he dies in jail and figure out what really happened when he was defending Glory in the old days. It will not be without costs as one of his team is murdered and Haller comes under fire as well.

Do the time, this book is an electric read.

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