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God, Take Over, For I Am Finished is about finding God’s will

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“God, Take Over, For I Am Finished” by Catherine Agada


“God, Take Over, For I Am Finished” by Catherine Agada is like getting on a bus marked for Boston, having a nice conversation with someone you don’t know well, and then looking out the window to see that the bus is driving around Boston, and heading to Salem instead. It was a pleasant ride, just not the one you thought you would be taking.

The author cites from a modern miracle that happened to someone called Maria Divine Mercy in 2010. It doesn’t tell enough about this miracle in the introduction to make the reader familiar with who this person was, or how the miracle happened. The result of the miracle was a collection of writings dictated by Jesus on a variety of subjects, including one about why bad things happen to good people.

According to the messages, when a cross becomes too heavy to bear, it is because the individual needs to assess their relationship to God, and become more open to hearing his voice and doing his will. The author then begins to tell her story, like an introduction to Charismatic 101. It says many of the same things that Fundamentalist and Prophetic churches talk about.

The author doesn’t tell her own plight in detail, just mentioning that it was a difficult time for her. While I wasn’t drawn into her story enough to feel her pain, it occurred to me that if I was writing the book, I probably wouldn’t go into detail, either. I’ve had close encounters of the spiritual kind, and it’s the sort of thing that other people wouldn’t understand. There’s a fine line between hearing God’s voice, and being considered crazy.

But the book keeps going after it makes the point that surrendering to God’s will is the best solution for our problems. It then speaks about the end times, and how this skill, as well as survival skills, will allow Christians to survive the second coming of Christ.

The book is written from a Catholic point of view, but anyone open to prophecy would get something from it. While it encourages the reader to pray from the heart, it also includes several prayers that can be read or recited. It’s more of a one size fits all story, a basic introduction, more than a biography or personal testimony.