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God’s Promises Devotional Journal, by 20 Christian contributors

One page devotions from some of the best Christian authors of today!
By Lucado, Lotz Elliot, Graham, Young and other leading Christian authors

Three-hundred-sixty-five devotions from twenty “leading Christian authors”...


33 Pages of journaling prompts, Seattle, WA:

God’s Promises Devotional Journal, by 20 Christian contributors, Thomas Nelson, 2011, Hardcover, 384 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1404189645, $16.99

Journaling, a written record that captures personal thoughts and feelings, can also act as a tool for self-examination, evaluation and self-improvement. Brief daily entries only take minutes to write and are fascinating to read and reflect on months or even years later in the case of future generations.

If journaling is something you’ve considered, but have never gotten around to the New Year is a good time to begin. And God’s Promises Devotional Journal is an outstanding choice to begin with. Three-hundred-sixty-five devotions from twenty “leading Christian authors” are highlighted. Writers like Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Elisabeth Elliot, Patsy Graham, Billy Graham and Sarah Young, offer devotions featuring God’s wisdom, promises and blessings.

One-page devotions begin with a bible verse, a scripture themed message, the author’s name and several blank lines to pen your thoughts. The devotion concludes with one or two questions that could be used as journal prompts or simply for reflection.

For example, R.C. Sproul uses Psalm 119:105 for April 9th. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The devotion is about loving God and why human hearts of “…flesh must be nurtured.” The question for reflection or journal prompt asks, “If the Word of God is our spiritual food, how often do you come to God’s table for dinner?”

Max Lucado cites Psalm 23:2 for his February 23rd devotion, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.” Lucado focuses on who is in charge, the Shepherd who “selects the trail and prepares the pasture,” or, he asks, is it the sheep’s job “…to watch the Shepherd.” Then he asks, “Who is your shepherd? To whom do you turn when stress comes into your life?”

Therapeutic benefits of journaling have been scientifically studied, their beneficial effects proven according to the “science of journaling”— Benefits include improved cognitive function, physical health, mental well-being and stress reduction among others.

The only requirements are blank pages, pen or pencil and the discipline of time management which can be found by rising 15 minutes early, or going to bed 15 minutes late. I’ve even known some who set aside 15 minutes over lunch. Whether you use a notebook, devotional journal or something else, I hope you try journaling for thirty days; you might be surprised by how much you like it.

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