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God’s Not Dead, a movie review

"God's Not Dead"
"God's Not Dead"
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God's Not Dead, the movie


The theater was full, as we sat down just in time to watch the movie, “God’s Not Dead,” in an Atlanta metro Carmike Cinemas. After watching the movie trailer, we decided it was the kind of quality faith entertainment that we yearn to see and support.
The low budget movie stunned Hollywood when it brought in $2.8 million from just 780 theaters, which was an impressive $3613 per-screen average.
The Harold Cronk, Pure Flix movie stars Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, and David White, with a special guest appearance from the Newsboys, in concert with a song of the same title.
The movie begins at a college campus. A philosophy professor, Professor Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo, instructs his students to write, “God is dead,” on their recent handouts and turn them in. One student, Josh Wheaton, played by Shane Harper, is unable to do so, because of his Christian faith. He is then given three sessions of twenty minutes each to basically defend his faith.
This is not unlike the professor back in March 2013 of Florida Atlantic University told students to write the name of Jesus and then instructed them to stomp on it. One student stood up for his Mormon faith refused. As a result, that student was suspended.
The movie explores the lives of different people in various places in their lives.
The movie is well worth seeing. The acting is great with dramatic scenes that touch emotions and heart. It answers questions, while offering hope to many that have lost hope and faith. Special guests, Willie and Kori Robertson of Duck Dynasty give a reason for why they choose to pray at the end of each episode. I would give the movie a five out of five rating.
During the Newsboys concert in the movie, Willie Robertson mentions that there were 10,000 people at the concert. If each person was to send everyone in the contacts, approximately one million people would be reached with the, “God’s not dead,” slogan. And then if each person who sees the movie would share with their contacts, how many more would hear the message.
Next month, according to NASA, there are going to be four blood red moons in the next eighteen months, beginning on April 15, 2014. Each time there has been a blood red moon, something significant has happened with Israel.
Could it be these faith based movies, Son of God, Noah, God’s not dead, and coming soon, Heaven is for real, are sharing the gospel before the coming of Jesus? Only God knows, but as prophesy teachers continue teaching on the coming blood red moons, we can be sure that something is in the works.