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God of Thunder review

The episode selection screen.
The episode selection screen.
Ken Kriho

God of Thunder video game


God of Thunder is a 2d top down adventure game released for DOS in 1993, and released as freeware in 2002. The game was published by Software Creations and developed by Adept Software. The overall story (each episode has its own story, and there are three episodes) follows that Loki, the God of mischief, has taken over Midgard with the assistance of Jormangund, the serpent god, and Nognir, prince of the underworld, and it’s up to Thor to put an end to Loki’s reign of terror. Are you going to join the God of Thunder and reclaim Midgard, or should Loki keep Midgard for himself?

God of Thunder title
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The graphics are very vibrant and colorful, and the characters look pretty good. The animation is smooth and the scenery looks great. Each episode looks great, and there’s very little repetition on enemies.

Sound-The soundtrack is also well done, as each song is upbeat and sets the mood for each screen. The soundtrack may get repetitive, but it’s not completely annoying.

Gameplay-At first glance, the gameplay looks very similar to the first Legend of Zelda; with the top down view, use of a primary and secondary attack, collecting gems, fairies that replenish life or magic (or angels in God of Thunder’s case), boss battles and so on. What separates this game from Zelda is that God of Thunder is more linear and has less emphasis on exploring. There aren’t as many puzzles to solve in this game, either.

Humor-This game is known for its tongue in cheek humor, making plenty of references to TV shows and other pop culture. The humor becomes more frequent in later episodes, and fits the game fine, but not perfect.

Overall-God of Thunder isn’t a complete carbon copy of Legend of Zelda, as this game has plenty of material that separates itself from Zelda.

Score: 4/5

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