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Goal Zero means zero power loss

Goal Zero Switch 8 and Nomad Solar kit


There is something to be said for the great outdoors; clean air, beautiful scenes, etc. There is also something to be said about having your phone, tablet or GPS run out of juice. Well, with the Goal Zero Switch 8 and the Nomad 7 solar panel, this is a moot point.

I am always looking for ways to “not” tax my trucks battery. On any given day, my single outlet with a 3 port addition charges a GPS, 1 to 2 cell phones and a tablet. Well, with the engine off, that can certainly tax a battery.

Entre, the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar panel and the Goal Zero Switch. This is a renewable and unlimited source of energy to charge your devices. (During daylight). It could not be simpler. All you need to do, is unfold the solar panels and put them in direct sun light. That is it. Then you can connect up to 3 devices that could include a USB device, a 12 volt (via cigarette lighter connection) and a guide 10 connection.

This does not include the switch power device that can either power a flashlight or charge any USB device.

In direct sunlight, you basically have an endless supply of power for these devices. It does appear to be affected by reflection, such as that which comes off of snow or water. In other words, the brighter the light the quicker the charge.

With Goal Zero, lack of power is not an option. The only option you need to be concerned with is how much power do you need. Learn more at or see the entire line at