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Go-Go-Gadget Watch!

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LunaTik TikTok Watchbands


If you tend to nod off at work while daydreaming of a top secret life as a double-o agent or reminiscing about inspector gadget, there’s a new gadget add-on that will help turn your dreams into reality. With music, photos, and all manner of Q inspired gadgetry tucked inside, the iPod Nano can easily become the ultimate all-purpose watch. First, however, you’ll need the ultimate watchband. Enter LunaTik’s CMYK TikTok watch straps for the iPod Nano.

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Created by the former Creative Director of Nike watches and famous for its Kickstarter success (over $1 million raised within the first month alone), the LunaTik TikTok is a well designed watch strap. While most of the competing straps appeared cheap and flimsy, the TikTok looks durable and well made, using a thick rubberized material combined with bright CMYK colors. The wearer can swap out colors at a whim, which keeps the default black from getting boring. The iPod Nano snaps in and out fairly easily, but rests snuggly so there is no worry about it popping out. However, even though LunaTik nailed the cyan and magenta colors perfectly, the yellow is significantly off, with more of a greenish yellow, so if you are buying a TikTok primarily for that color you may want to reconsider.

The main concern for wearers when first seeing the TikTok is it’s size–is it too big? In practice, the answer is no. The watch strap with the Nano inserted is about twice as thick as the Nano alone. It feels like a large watch, but anyone comfortable with sport watches will not find anything different here. Smaller wrists may have to move the adjustable nub to the last setting, but that still keeps the excess band snuggly in place. The band itself is wide, comfortable, and deals well with abuse. Even wearing the TikTok during workouts presents no problems, and after sporting it daily for over a month, the band still looks new.

And the Verdict Is…
In today's world, people tend to view watches less as a necessity than a fashion accessory. The TikTok changes that, transforming the iPod Nano into a fully functional smart watch, while also providing numerous color options to fit almost anyone’s style. If you’re looking to buy a Nano watchband and like to accessorize, check out the CMYK TikToks, but remember that go-go-gadget powers are sadly not included.