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Go Get "Getting Go"- Beautiful Love Story With The Greatest Kissing Scene Ever

Best kissing scenes ever!
Best kissing scenes ever!

Gay Love Story


When I see tons of movies at film festivals, they aren’t given much time to win me over. Sometimes I end up watching 2-3 a night so you really need to standout to capture my attention. Then I am often saddened that a movie that I loved never gets the distribution it deserves and I can never see it again or share it with friends. That’s the same feeling when a “Bound for Broadway” musical never makes it to the great white way.

Matthew Camp (l) and Tanner Cohen make beautiful love - and kisses -together

With all of that being said, one of my favorite films from last year’s Frameline Film Festival makes its DVD debut August 5 and is definitely worth seeking out. “Getting Go” has everything it needs to be the quintessential gay young man’s love story as it deals with two college age young men involved in the technological world of video blogs, Facebook and the like.

The filmmakers smartly changed the film from its original titled “The Go Doc Project,” which that is now more a tagline for the movie, to the sexier “Getting Go” which can have many meanings. This modern tale follows geeky Doc (Tanner Cohen) who has a video blog in which he uses to confess his obsession over Go (Matthew Camp), a go go dancer.

One drunken blogfest Doc writes to Go about wanting to make a documentary about his life as an exotic dancing. Surprisingly, Go is all for it.

This makes the movie often seems like a real documentary, following Go’s through his every day life as a go go boy i.e. picking clothes to wear to dance and shaving off his body hair. Doc also uses his filming to learn more about the man behind the jockstrap for his own personal satisfaction.

While we’re unsure if this documentary will ever really be seen, what we do witness is the blossoming relationship between the two. Director/writer Cory Krueckeberg has given us likable, natural characters that capture our hearts while also giving depth of character and he continues to prove he wasn’t a one hit wonder with the cult classic “Were the World Mine,” which he co-wrote and it also stars Cohen.

The movie’s point of view with the documentary style filmmaking makes the essence of the story seem real. Some scenes have such great chemistry between the two actors that it’s hard to believe this isn’t reality.

Also, while we can easily overlook that the sexy Cohen is far from being a geek, the movie’s kissing montage is the pinnacle of the film and will likely forever be one of my favorite kissing sequences from any movie. This is the money shot and is it alone is definitely worth the price of admission The montage is soft and tender and beautifully shot from different locations. I would suspect that filming this sequence alone took as long as making the entire film.. The scene is also enhanced by a hauntingly beautiful song. In fact, the music is also one of the stars of the show, adding depth and emotion to every scene. .

Our stars have so much appeal that it’s easy to fight off liking this movie (should you be jaded or cynical).

Cohen has already proven to be a big talent – and not just for his sexy 6’4” frame. In “Were the World Mine” he not only had to prove his acting chops with some lines of Shakespearean dialog, but he had to sing. He is as comfortably playing an equally awkward nerd here and makes him very relatable. Camp is also a find. With little acting experience, Camp has proven he too, like Go, is more than a former go go boy. He is sweet, believable and utterly delightful in his feature film debut. And yes, he does look hot in his go go boy attire – but as we learn, there’s more to a person that just what they wear.

“Getting Go” is now available on VOD and the DVD comes out August 5. To get one for your own collection, go to

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