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Go Ask Alice: A Pill for All Symptoms?

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Positive affirmations

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Is it possible that one drug, called Equilib, which is actually a nutrient/enzyme protocol can help with the symptoms for what ails you? Here are some of the claims made regarding relieving the symptoms of: fibromyalgia, asthma, headaches, diarrhea,constipation,IBS and frequent unexplained abdominal pain, GERD,insomnia,restless leg syndrome, poor short term memory, loss of libido,eczema, muscle cramps and others.

So far the ones that worked for me are the lessening of the fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, increased libido, depression, eczema, and muscle cramps. We boomers have new symptoms to deal with during the aging process, and many of us are going to the pharmaceutical drugs for relief. Could it just be as simple as getting the proper nutrients and absorption?

“For almost ten years, EvinceNaturals has been tracking reported responses to the Equilib Nutrient/Enzyme Protocol of an ever growing list of challenges; physical, mental, emotional, sleep and pain. But healthcare professionals who’ve not had experience with this protocol have understandably been highly skeptical. One drug couldn't affect so many conditions!”

By implementing a proper nutrient protocol, you can simply give back to your body the basic materials needed for normal functioning. Perhaps many of the diseases associated with aging or other symptoms are just a simple factor of not absorbing the proper nutrients to assist the body in functioning at optimum levels.We are all aware that most of the foods we eat are not nutritious, from the depletion of the soil to processed, packaged foods, so we are not feeding the body what it really needs. Even the raw foodies know that if the soil is not nutrient rich, it does not sufficiently supply enough nutrients to thrive. We all need to supplement our bodies to make sure we are feeding it vitamins, minerals and enzymes to absorb into the body what we need.

“In many cases, symptoms of a number of mood, cognitive and somatic (physical) conditions may be wholly or in part the result of nutrient deficiencies. Should the human body drop below a critical threshold of any one of the basic building blocks (precursors) to the neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes etc, which regulate all functions, then by definition, if the body cannot produce one set of functional molecules, it must produce less, altered, or both. These deficiencies may be triggered by any combination of mental, emotional, physical, or environmental stressors combined with some degree of genetic predisposition. Equilib is providing a carefully developed very broad spectrum of important building blocks in highly bio-available forms and appropriate nutrient ratios, to make up possible dietary/metabolic shortfalls/deficiencies. This may allow the body to regain improved abilities to self regulate (homeostasis). To the degree that these shortfall/deficiencies are the problem, any symptoms or conditions arising from these shortfalls could reasonably and logically be expected to show response.”

The company simply states that Equilib does not cure, treat or eliminate any disease or condition. All results seen were simply the result of addressing the factors in which the body was not being able to extract enough of the many different building blocks needed for normal functioning from the diet. We all know that stress and the modern lifestyle can trigger any combination of physical, mental, emotional, dietary, genetic and environmental factors. This hypothesis is getting attention around the world. Hopefully in the future the use of toxic, pharmaceutical drugs may diminish in favor of proper nutrient supplementation to alleviate the symptoms.

There are many toxins and heavy metals found in our modern environment. “It’s true that every protein, hormone, enzyme, neurotransmitter that regulates every aspect of the human body, is made up of what goes in the mouth and oxygen. That’s the simple reality of human existence. It is a fallacy that some so-called experts renounce that nutrition is the most factor to optimum human health, which is contrary to the comprehensive amount of research, and does not prove to be an accurate assessment.”

The final outcome after several studies on patients is that Equilib is “supplying adequate nutrient levels in the appropriate ratios to make up nutrient deficiencies and allow the body to regain increased ability to self regulate.”

Maybe the wave of the future will be to assist people in relieving their symptoms with proper supplementation. Perhaps the tidal wave of dependency on pharmaceutical drugs with so many side effects will be replaced with natural substances, like Equilib, that can assist the body back into self-regulation and homeostasis.

Here’s the best part....... I was fortunate to find out about the free Fibromyalgia Nutrient protocol program. With this program Fibromyalgia sufferers can receive an eight week no cost supply of the nutrients, enzymes etc as part of a long term open label study in return for doing simple symptom charts and calling toll free once a week (or any time we like if we have questions). They didn't require any credit card numbers or commitments to purchase anything. Of course many who do well will not want to stop the program so if they choose to, they may continue after the funded period at their own cost. Check it out for yourself!
David Gilbert-Research and Implementation
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