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Gluten Escape open for business

Gluten Escape
Gluten Escape
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Gluten Free Bakery


Gluten Escape opened their doors for business on February 13th and offer choices for those with special food needs. They prepare pastry, bread and other sweet treats with options free of gluten, soy and dairy. The owners’ son was the inspiration for her learning to bake with alternative ingredients, but she herself has some food limitations that also have inspired the bakery.

My close friend Mary is Celiac and as we share a love of baking I have experienced the thrill of baking without wheat flour. I call it a thrill because you can’t always depend on the final results; if you have ever attempted baking within the arena of Gluten Free, than you can relate. There are the cakes that look frightful but taste great and sometimes the item looks wonderful but tastes like grainy cardboard. Gluten-Free baking is an art unto itself, even before you throw in the high altitude we get as an added bonus!

This past weekend found us standing in front of a glass case displaying tempting cupcakes and treats to choose from, all without common food allergens. I left with a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting with a light sprinkling of blue and lavender sprinkles, Doug with a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and bright sprinkles in star shapes. Make no mistake: if you bite into a Gluten-Free treat expecting it to taste like a Gluten included product, you will be disappointed. However, with my limited experience baking and eating such treats with Mary I bit into my cupcake with some idea of what to expect.


Located near the DTC, on South Tamarac Parkway (near Doug’s favorite playground Microcenter) it certainly isn’t close for Elbert County residents, but if you have special food needs and are in the area of 25/225 intersection it would be well worth your time to detour over and check out the tempting treats in these cases!

They are located near the DTC at 4403 South Tamarac Parkway #103 and can be reached at 303-694-9999.