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Global Garden Friends garden stakes product review

The Global Garden Friends' stake system used on a tomato plant
Photo by Jane Gates

Global Garden Friends garden stakes


At my request, Global Garden Friends sent me some samples of their products to test out. They have created a design for garden clips that are versatile, unique and easier to use than any others I have tried. Sometimes it takes a simple item to make a garden job easier. This company focuses on coming up with better simple solutions.

Another product produced by Garden Global Friends is a replacement for the ordinary garden stake. Most stakes are made of wood or bamboo and rot over time. Some are made of metal and are heavy and expensive. Yet others are plastic that break too easily or plastic-covered metal that rust from the inside out. Global Garden Friends has developed a very simple garden stake that is not only light yet durable vinyl, but has the advantage of being extendable.

Without reading the short instructions, I wasn’t sure how the extensions worked. I was searching for a complicated technique and missed the obvious. When the smaller inside rod is pulled higher, it will stay in place with a simple twist. You can mount another stake on the narrower extension to get even more height. These stakes are not heavy-duty, but you can use them to advantage in groups for multiple branches or to cage in spreading plants. That concept is expanded in the company’s Ultimate Plant Cage design where an easily assembled base supports multiple rods to create a fully adjustable support cage. The Ultimate Plant Cage is sold as a kit and I tested a couple of these out on an indoor house plant and on an outdoor potted tomato. Both were held neatly in place, the positions and heights of the stakes being adjusted as they grew.

As with their cleverly designed product, the Ultimate Garden Clips, I found the plastic construction of the stakes to be invaluable in supporting my electrical net raccoon fencing since plastic does not conduct current. I’ve also found the rods handy for individual plant staking and even useful for making flags and other markers or décor for the garden. The simple, extendable plastic stakes have as many uses as you can find if you put your imagination to work – both indoors and out.

Inexpensive and ridiculously easy to use, you can find these versatile stakes at the Global Garden Friends website. Or call the company at (707) 526-3400 to order. I was pleased with the stakes, but use them only for light work. They are small and not made for a much weight or tension.