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Glass Hostaria Restaurant - Rome Review (5 stars)

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Glass Hostaria Restaurant


We absolutely loved this restaurant nestled amongst a cobblestone village in Rome, Italy. You would expect such a modern design in such a centuries old environment but somehow it’s perfect. Our chef at Glass Hostaria was Italian and American-trained and it was one of the most inventive food experiences I’ve ever had.

Our courses were a fusion of Asian and nouveau cuisine. Course after course, we were not disappointed. Glass has an amazing selection of wine. I am a big fan of Riesling and the chef shared my favor toward it and knew just the perfect year to compliment our cuisine.

My main chorus was an amazing cheese ravioli that that was so mouth-watering, I can still taste it in my mouth today.

Not only was the food design unique but the flavor was out of this world. The service is what I was also impressed with, not once did we have to wait a long time for quick service. As the restaurant filled up, our service did not slack. Our waiters, (we were given multiple ones), knew every item on the menu so well and they gave true meaning to “service with a smile”. Although you’re in Rome, the wait staff that we saw spoke multiple languages, in addition to Italian and English, we also saw some speaking French to the guests as well. I looked around to see how well the other guests were being treated and they were equally pleased.

The modern design of glass is so beautiful, one of the most beautiful modern designs I’ve seen in Europe. We sat on the second story balcony overlooking the main floor which although became packed was not overly noisy. Nothing ruins a beautiful meal more than obnoxious noise.

Although this is an upscale restaurant, it is not uncomfortable. The costs of the meals are to expected at this caliber of restaurant but we enjoyed the experience so much we could not stop talking about it and recommending Glass to our friends.

Highly recommended. 5 stars.