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Give your hair a sudsy drink of vitamins and shine with BRÖÖ

BRÖÖ line-up of craft brews for your 'do
BRÖÖ line-up of craft brews for your 'do

Broo Haircare


Warning: Using BRÖÖ hair products may bring back memories of shaking your hips to Elvis and drinking maltshakes with your sweetheart at the local drive-in diner. Bouffant hair may be in the past, and so are the days of pouring beer into your hair in your college dorm sink. Enter BRÖÖ, a salon-quality hair care line made with beer to give your hair the natural shine and body of your youth. If you weren't born in the 40s, 50s, or even 60s, keep reading to find out what your hair is missing.

Decades before there was BRÖÖ, women mastered the art of beer hair. Husband and wife team (and BRÖÖ founders) Sarah and Brad Pearsall received some loving help from their mothers (both well practiced in the art of brew 'do's.) when they formulated the completely natural line.

Why beer?

If you've experimented with natural shampoos like me, you might have stood in the shower wondering where the suds were. Where's the deep-clean lather? And no, adding more shampoo is not the answer. Sulfates, which give salon and big box store brands their lather and bubbles, are not natural and not recommended for color-treated or chemically straightened hair. Beer, on the other hand, naturally suds up. You'll enjoy more than the typical salon shampoo suds per use, sans chemicals. You'll also use less product than other natural shampoos, because it takes only a small amount of product for hair to lather up and feel clean. I felt like I was bathing my whole body in bubbles the first time I used the shampoo. Quickly, I learned to squeeze out less than which I was accustomed.

When "they" said beer was a "meal in a can", they might have been on to something. Feed your hair B vitamins, minerals, and protein with BRÖÖ to control frizz, add moisture, and strengthen hair. Barley (one of the key ingredients in beer) is full of natural silicon, to give your hair healthy shine. The conditioner works better than any of the other brands I've tried at Whole Foods to detangle hair. Plus, it's safe to use on colored hair and permanents.

Lastly, people with great hair use BRÖÖ because it works. An employee at the Whole Foods Minnetonka store in Minnesota said she's been using BRÖÖ since their store brought it in, and her stylist told her she has the healthiest hair of all her clients. I'll drink to that.

BRÖÖ uses a microbrew pale ale from North Carolina for the main ingredient in the product line. You won't find any watered down 3.2% ABV here. The shampoos and conditioners aren't watered down either; there's less than ten ingredients in the products, and no filler ingredients. There's an unscented option (it smells the mildest of beer and the smell does wash out) for customers with allergies to natural fragrance. If you drink your pale ale with a slice of orange, the Citrus scented Pale Ale line is for you. Five stars from me for the Citrus Pale Ale shampoo and conditioner.

Pick up a bottle of BRÖÖ online or at your local Whole Foods for around $14.99. Crack it open and let your hair drink it in. Ah.