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‘Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women’ will make you reminisce with laughter

‘Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women’


Fun shows come around often, however not many as truly as heartwarmingly funny as “Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women”. Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein team up for this slumber party with one hundred of your closest girlfriends and will send you home searching for your childhood diary. This no holds barred comedy speaks directly to women and audience members feel like they grew up with Gehring and Klein.

Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein in Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women
Photo by Terry Shapiro

From the moment you walk in and are escorted to your seat you cannot help but be transported back to your nine-year-old bedroom. With pink walls, that white frilly furniture with terrible fake gold inlay (don’t lie, you know you had that exact furniture), and posters of 70’s heartthrobs adorning the walls, you feel home. In fact, they even nailed the brown swirly carpet and that annoying metal floor strip under your closet door.

Then the show begins and you will hold your belly with laughter. Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein delve into the ever famous topics of the ridiculousness of magazine models, the history of women, breastfeeding in public and what to do with all of those extra feminine hygiene products after menopause. The girls throw a shower for one audience member and even open up their own diaries and memory boxes for everyone to get a chuckle at.

“Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women” is truly an amazing experience that all women should share with their best friend. It is the perfect mixture of skits, movies and improve that will leave you wishing you had kept all of your baby teeth too! An audience member was heard to exclaim, “I can’t laugh anymore, my belly hurts!”

Don’t miss this amazing show at The Garner Galleria Theatre in Denver. “Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women” is playing through March 9, 2014 and tickets can be purchased from The Denver Center for he Performing Arts. For more information about the show, please visit the website.

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