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Girl Fight Royale! In A Review For IFC’s ‘Raze’



One of the first films of 2014 that was high on my list was the action horror starring Zoe Bell Raze. Raze is defined as to completely destroy place: to destroy or level a building or settlement completely. Very fitting for this movie that is not a women in prison flick that many suspect it is. I would venture among the realm of Battle Royale as the women have been captured and made to fight to the death. If they are to lose or not fight one of their family members will be killed. In all honesty it’s a no win situation. Raze mostly pays attention to a select few of the confined ladies but there are 50 women total who must fight their way to the top. The challenge is being issued by a sadistic couple who enjoy playing this game that has been going on for centuries.

"Images from Raze starring Zoe Bell available now on demand!"
"Images from Raze starring Zoe Bell available now on demand!"
"Raze is a kick ass action movie that does not need to be anything else!"
IFC Midnight

Zoe Bell plays Sabrina who right from the start you can tell is the badass of the bunch. Though she looks to have some competition in the form of the dastardly Phoebe (Rebecca Marshall/ Saw 3D) who seems to enjoy this affair. Will any of them make it? Is this just some sick and sadistic game for bored rich people? That seems to be the case in Raze and not much more.

If you are looking for some solid plot, or remarkable award winning performances this is not your movie. There is truly only one thing to gauge from Raze and that’s the fact that this is just a beat em up kick ass movie that works because you normally don’t see so much violence with the ladies these days. Especially hand to hand. As a person who covers MMA i’m always excited to

see the ladies thrown down and Raze was a pleasant surprise. I know there would be some pretty good fight scenes but these were epic. The choreography was great and very fluid. To be honest I thought it kicked ass. Once you see a montage of all the women fighting you will be amazed and I rather enjoyed the video game set up. If you have seen trailers and posters for Raze then you should be familiar with the red lighted backgrounds shown in the movie. They really allowed tension to build as you are curious in what girl would win their match and how were they going to dispose of each other.

There are many different backgrounds with these women but I felt the film took a turn for the worse when some started to unify. I felt it created an unnecessary narrative that dragged the film during some crucial moments. From the way Raze begins you can’t be too invested in any of the women as you can already tell none of them will make it. So once the film brings in an emotional tyranny to solidify some of the characters it’s very unwelcome. It felt forced. Don't expect many to enjoy Raze as some may feel the fighting is a little too monotonous. There really is not much substance in Raze but that by no means make this a less than entertaining film. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would not mind seeing more of them. Unfortunately if there was sequel it may go straight to DVD and try to be more than what it really is.

Raze is a kick ass movie that doesn't try to be anything else but that. It’s one of the most explosive movies of 2014 so far and is a great warm up for a film like The Raid 2. I’m a guy who grew up on action and fighting movies so I loved Raze and I think most will too. If you are expecting to see a bunch of women in cages with lesbian scenes and soft core this is not that film. Raze is kick ass girl fight royale with cult classic written all over it.