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Giovanni natural mousse hair styling foam: A promising start

Give your hair a lift
Photo by: Emily Clayton

Giovanni Natural Mousse Air-turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam


The world of cosmetics and hair products is staggering. The list of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients extends even further. Although some drugstores and supermarkets stock a small supply of healthier products, the majority of their products are full of synthetics. Row after row of colourful bottles line the shelves with a jumble of ingredients too long to pronounce. While some ingredients are mild irritants, others can cause significant health damage. What to do?

Reveal the Eco Chic

Giovanni products focus on mostly natural ingredients. They avoid parabens, sulfates, and harsh by-products and fragrances. Biodegradable ingredients keep their eco-focus strong. Giovanni is a salon-centered brand, and it incorporates social style, trends and concerns into the final presentation. Chic packaging maintains the salon criteria, but it also acknowledges the need for environmental awareness.


The Giovanni natural mousse hair foam is liquid that turns foamy upon contact with the air. Since the product expands, a little goes a long way. Press the pump once or twice, and apply to damp hair. For wave-enhancing texture, use a scrunching motion. There is very little odour, and the product rinses cleanly from fingertips.

Time to fast forward

Once the product is dry, it holds to a shapely soft/medium firmness. Without the crunch. Over time, though, repeat applications may start to cause dry strands. Since most of the ingredients are herbs and botanicals, this is a confusing result. Further research reveals that VP/VA copolymer, a synthetic vinyl polymer, is used for firming in hair products. It also prevents the hair follicle from absorbing moisture. With repeat usage, this can begin to damage hair. Coconut oil to the rescue.

The verdict?

Scent: A

Application: A

Hold: B+

Usage: C.

Giovanni hair mousse is decent for short-term usage, and it is better than many other products on the market. But for regular or daily application? Sorry, but the risk of hair damage is too significant to ignore. So promising, but the search must go on.

Reviewer’s Statement: Giovanni natural mousse hair styling foam was actively used for this review.

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