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Gig Boss Brings Hard Rock to HOB Anaheim

Pics of Madlife, AlevelA, Degrees of Freedom, Divide the Day, Radio Drone, & Red9
Pics of Madlife, AlevelA, Degrees of Freedom, Divide the Day, Radio Drone, & Red9
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson

Gig Boss Show


Free Live Music. Those 3 words are what every music fan wants to hear. So what if you could go to a free show with live bands at the Anaheim House of Blues? If you live in So-Cal you know that once a month Gig Boss Presents brings Free Music to the Masses. This months show included Radio Drone (formerly Beach City Cowboys), Divide the Day, Red9, AlevelA, Degrees of Freedom, and Madlife. Yes, all those bands for free. If you missed it then, you better have an awesome excuse and here is why you should have been there.

Radio Drone at the House of Blues Anaheim
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

Radio Drone is “part schizoid Five Finger Death Punch on the heavy edge, part Foo Fighters rock with the commercial aspects and part hard grooves or Nu-Metal”. If you are not that technical let me put it to you this way. If you stand in front of the turbine of a jet as they rev the engine, you would have the same feeling as you do at a Radio Drone show. It will, literally, blow you away. The crowd of a couple hundred people poured in to see the first set of the night. The floor was full, and fans crowed together to hear old favorites from the band as well as a few new songs. The energy both on and off the stage was off the charts. The flashing mask and the “light show” from the band combined with the music made this set an experience.

Divide the Day - “hard rock with just the right Sunset strip attitude and Swagger” - that is is the words of the band. As a fan, I see a band that drips the Rock-n-Rol spirit of shaking your ass and throwing your fist in the air. They get the crowd hooked with their rock meets sexy attitude and playing. If you are looking for a party band, they should be on your list. Sunday night was no different, the band took the stage in fine form playing hits that the crowd joined in to sing with. Making the fans part of the set is one of my favorite things a band can do and this is something Divide the Day is at the top of their game.

Red9 - This threesome does one of the best NIN covers I have ever heard, but they are not a cover band. No, they are their own brand of music. Fans and critics alike seem to be unable to label just what kind of music they are but I am going to take a stab and call it “must hear”. With a blend of Filter, Alice in Chains, Muse and Foo Fighters, this band takes those elements and then add their own pazzaz to it to create the sound that is Red9. Judging by the crowd they had at HOB, they do what they do well. Fans were rocking out to Red9, but as I have said before don’t take my word for it, take a listen for yourself. You can score their new album out now “Under Dark Skies”. Just hit up iTunes or CD Baby.

AlevelA means to rise above, and this band has. A long past starting back in the 90‘s, with many different names and members, it took some time and lots of passion, heart and soul to get to where they are today. The band has a sound that mixes stadium Rock, a Def Leopard kind of feel, with their own touch mixed in. Now that you know the past here is the present. House of Blues June 8th - face melting set. I have to say, I have seen this band before and every-time I see them I like them more and more. Looking around at the crowed HOB, I know that I am not the only fan that feels that way. Again, don’t just take my word for it, check the band out for yourself. You can thank me later.

Degrees of Freedom was part of this Gig Boss Presents show. If you are a fan of Industrial and Nu Metal, you need to check this band out. They took the stage and ripped the roof off HOB. It was my first time seeing this band and now I can add them to that ever growing list of kickass, must see bands. What makes this band so awesome to hear is that have a little dash of all kinds of music in their songs. That means that there is a little something something for everyone. They took the stage and owned it. They got the crowd moving and on my horns up scale I give the 6 out of 5 horns up! Yes they are that good.

Madlife was already of my favorite bands. Explosive ninjas on Stage that is how I describe this industrial Hard Rock band. In all the times that I have seen them, they have never put on a bad show. Any band that can keep a crowd on the floor on a “school night” is a killer band. No matter if they are touring the country or the local music scene, this band is an in your face, aggressive, explosive set of epic music. One of my favorite songs from them is “To Live and Die in Hollywood”. It is one of those songs that every time I hear it, I need to be up front and center to the stage and to the music. If you have never seen Madlife live, please do yourself the favor and get off the couch and to a show asap. Also look for them to be heading out on tour rocking the masses.

Free Live Music....Thank you Gig Boss for feeding the hungry music fans with a buffet of epic bands at your shows. As always, support local music and see you at a show soon.

Written by Melissa Anderson - Photos by ROCKwell UnScene