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Ghostbusters #7

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Ghostbusters #7


In the previous issue, Egon was dealing with the attacks in Janine's mind, at the same time, a ghost ship appeared near Long Island, and the governor wants it to be taken care of before the situation becomes worse. This issue picks up where last issue left off, and we see the Governor of New York talking on the phone with Walter Peck. The Governor yells at Peck for not handling the ghost ship situation, and Peck tells him that the Ghostbusters have been backed up, but the Governor doesn't want to hear it. Peck then calls Peter Venkman, but Peter being the funny guy that he is, he messes around with Peck. Frustrated, Peck tells Peter about the ghost ship, and that they should take care of it.

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Back at the firehouse, Peter talks about this ghost ship with Egon, but due to the events from last issue, Egon has too many tests he has to give himself, so he doesn't have time to deal with the ghost ship with "dormant activity." Peter then calls Ray, but the problem is, Ray gets seasick. Regardless, Ray is interested in going to see this ghost ship. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Winston and Tiyah arrive at the airport. Tiyah thinks they're there on vacation, but Winston has other plans while being there.

Back in New York, Janine and Kylie are at "Ray's Occult Books," and the two ladies have a conversation about paranormal activities. A customer walks in, and we find out that it's only Peter Venkman. He tells Kylie about the ghost ship, and she's basically interested in visiting it also. At the firehouse, Egon continues his testing, but finds himself in perfect health, but he doesn't know why because he feels a little off. Egon stares at Slimer for a few seconds, and a funny moment occurs here. It's vintage Slimer at his best.

Back in Las Vegas, Tiyah finds Ghostbusting equipment, and Winston tells her the real reason why they're there. Even though she's okay with it, Winston should be honest with her from now on. A short scene shifts back to New York, and we see Peter, Ray, and Kylie ready to go visit this ghost ship. Back in Vegas, Winston is on a solo mission, and he sees the paranormal entity he was sent there to take care of. He zaps the ghost, but the ghost gets away from him. Winston realizes that this isn't going to be an easy gig. On the last pages, we see Peter, Ray, and Kylie on their boat, and they approach the ghost ship, named the "John Milton." They get inside to invetigate, only to realize that they're definitely not alone, and they're outnumbered. More like "in over their heads." The main story ends here, and a two page back-up story featuring the Rookie and Ron, completes this issue.

This is another great issue of Ghostbusters. Last issue had a prologue that hinted at the ghost ship, but this issue filled us in about it. I was surprised that Dan Schoening didn't do the artwork for the main story, but Doc Shaner did a great job to fill in for this issue. The mix of humor and seriousness are true to the Ghostbusters mythos. This issue is definitely worth picking up. I give issue seven a four out of five stars. It's written by Erik Burnham, artwork by Doc Shaner, and colored by Luis Antonio Delgado. Backup story written by Erik Burnham, artwork by Dan Schoening, and colored by Luis Antonio Delgado. Ghostbusters #7 has 32 color pages, is available now for $3.99 in print or on digital formats.


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