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Ghostbusters #18

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Ghostbusters #18


Ghostbusters #18 is part 6 of the story arc "Mass Hysteria," where the Ghostbusters, the new and the original team, face off against Vigo the Carpathian. In the previous issue, Ray was having a lapse, and in another dimensional plane, he was having a conversation with Gozer the Gozerian. Ray is the only one Gozer will speak with, because Ray's the one who chose the Destructor's form. Meahwhile, Egon and Kylie are at the firehouse doing experiments on Dana Barrett and Louis Tully. Egon sprayed Dana and Louis with the mood slime, and this woke the dormant entities within them; two griffin-like creatures.

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Being in a lapse, Ray missed an opportunity to slime Vigo, and he put his life in danger. It's a good thing that the team's looking out for him, and Winston takes the shot at Vigo. Once again, Ray is in another dimensional plane, this time he's trapped in a giant spider-web, and Gozer takes on another form. After chatting with Gozer, Ray comes back to, and he realizes that the team got the job done defeating Vigo. Now the question remains, is it truly over?

Back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie equip their mini-packs and face the two griffin-like creatures. Since they're technically not ghosts, Egon and Kylie have to come up with a strategy to defeat the creatures. After ten minutes, they manage to knock the creatures out, and Egon comes up with a theory to seperate the possessor from the host. A creepy scene occurs after this, and it goes to show that Tiamat is stronger than any other God the Ghostbusters have confronted.

Following this scene, there's an interlude featuring Winston's wife, Tiyah Zeddemore, and her friend Kas. Kas claims she's psychic, and she tells Tiyah that she has the worst feeling for her and Winston...and the feeling is getting stronger. This concludes the interlude. This is a key moment from this story arc, and it'll be interesting to see what all of this means.

All of the Ghostbusters are at the firehouse, and Ray heads upstairs to get tested since he's been having those lapses. Peter has a brief moment with Dana, and this is nice to see, because it is reminiscent of the two films. This is the heart of this issue, and it's great that Peter and Dana could still smile at each other, even though Peter is quirky, but effective with his words. Louis gets some final tests done and so does Ray. What happens next will definitely keep readers on their toes...until next issue.

"Mass Hysteria" keeps getting better with each issue. Even though there's some down time towards the end of the issue, it's good to see the team relax, even if it's only for a brief moment. The Peter and Dana scenes are wonderful, it's good to see that there's still some chemistry there, even though nothing may ever happen again. The artwork is beautifully illustrated and the colors are complimentary. I give Ghostbusters #18 a five out of five stars, this issue offers a little bit of everything, action, humor, horror, and a little bit of romance; perfect! Written by Erik Burnham, art by Dan Schoening, and colored by Luis Antonio Delgado. Ghostbusters #18 has 24 pages, retails for $3.99, and is available now in print and on digital formats.