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Ghostbusters #17

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Ghostbusters #17


Ghostbusters #17 continues where the previous issue ended where we saw all of the Ghostbusters go up against Tiamat, the Sumerian goddess of chaos, who is also the sister of Gozer. Just as the team thought they had defeated Tiamat, blood rained down from the sky, and the ghost busting's not quite over yet.

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In this issue, we see Ray zoning out, he's now seeing ghosts from the past, err, better yet, ghosts that the team have defeated in the past. Once Ray snaps out of it, he explains the situation to the rest of the team. The team heads to Hart Island, which is a hotbed of PKE activity.

Meanwhile, back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie do some experiments on Dana and Louis to see if there's still any signs of possession within them. Ray has another vision, and this time he sees an iconic and memorable character from the first film. Back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie discover something within Dana and Louis. At Hart Island, the Ghostbusters go up against two more iconic characters.

Ray has his final vision, and he finds out that his decision on the form of the destructor (from the first film) was more important than he thought. Finally, back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie find a way to set the "dormant entities" free from Dana and Louis' bodies. Egon and Kylie quickly slide down the pole, gear up, and prepare to face the griffin-like creatures. The story ends here, but the story arc of "Mass Hysteria" continues next issue.

This is another great issue from the creative team. Recent news states that the final issue of this series will come at the end of the "Mass Hysteria" story arc, and that will be issue 20. With only three issues left until the end, the creative team is bringing us great stories, great artwork, and I'm sure this series will go out with a bang! It's unfortunate that this series is coming to an end, considering this is the 30th anniversary since the first film was released, but there's speculation that there's a reason for this (a third movie, perhaps)? Only time will tell, but what IDW has here is a true masterpiece of a series. I give this issue a 4 out of 5 stars, and it'll be interesting to see what happens next. Ghostbusters #17 is written by Erik Burnham, artwork by Dan Schoening, and colored by Luis Antonio Delgado, has 25 pages, retails for $3.99, and is available now in print and on digital formats.


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