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"Ghost- The Musical" A Hauntingly Romantic Fantasy

Musical Theatre, Ghost The Musical


The 1990 movie, Ghost, starring Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, and Whoopi Goldberg, garnered much success and accolades, with an almost cult film following, and a most powerful effect even decades later. Now the stage version, currently at the majestic, grand Oriental Theatre, in downtown Chicago, is a most exquisite musical revival of the original movie, haunting and emotional for audience members who remember fondly Patrick Swayze (who ironically died way too soon, much like his character, Sam Wheat). The show is an emotional rendition of a seemingly immortal soul and undying love ever after, revealed by the hauntingly beautiful signature song, Unchained Melody. This musical song and dance extravaganza is one of fantasy, intrigue and deception. At show's start, we are introduced to the show's three main characters, in a love tryst, as it were, gone bad: Molly (Katie Postotnik); Sam (Steven Grant Douglas); and Carl (Robby Haltiwanger). Carl is the jealous, conniving friend and co-worker , who has plotted an evil scheme, going so far as to hire a hitman to 'off' the husband, in order to get the woman of his dreams, as well as embezzling to the tune of ten million dollars. The plotline rings of the malicious Iago in Shakespeare's Othello. Yet due justice prevails, as Oda Mae Brown (a true show-stopper, played by Carla Stewart) enters the scene, and saves the day and Sam's peace of mind. The show is mostly 'other-worldly,' surreal and fantastical, with talk of ghosts, psychics, and the supernatural/paranormal. It is indeed, well worth seeing, especially for those who remember the extremely emotional movie, which became a huge monetary franchise in Hollywood.

The power of psychic intervention, once considered only the work of charlatans, is now quite respected, particularly in criminal investigations. Sam's ghost, like in the original film version, is the main fantastical image, almost surreal, when he whispers sweet nothings in the ear of his beleaguered wife, and reminds her of events and secrets only the two of them share ( through the medium's assistance). Of special note is the hip hop street dance scene, kudos to choreographer par excellence, Ashley Wallen, and her multi-talented ensemble. All's well that ends well, as the evil Carl's plot to corral the money is foiled, and with incredible special effects, Sam's ghosts fades into the ethereal. "Ghost- The Musical" is a show, so topical, timely, emotional, entertaining, and visceral. This is the one to see!

Through Jan. 19th

Oriental Theatre 24 W. Randolph

Tues-Fri. 7:30PM Saturdays 2 & 8 PM; Sundays 2 & 7:30 PM

Reservations (800) 775-2000