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Getting Back in the Swing of Golf

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Nexbelt-The Belt with No Holes


From balance bolstering golf fitness gear to a connection enhancing shirt, we’ll get you set to attack some pins and look good doing it.

Nexbelt Go-In!
Belt technology may be as staid as a grey suit, but Nexbelt strives to take the science of keeping waists happy to the next level. Their PreciseFit tightening system eliminates yesteryear’s punched holes which have a tendency to scuff and lose their shape, while facilitating size adjustments in quarter inch increments. The belt won’t shave any points off your score by coaxing long putts hole-ward bound using an onboard buckle tractor beam as the “Go-In!” name seems to allude, but the face niftily flips down to reveal a magnetic ball marker. Off the course, Nexbelt’s quick release clasp comes in handy in airport security lines, not too mention certain touchy feely instances that call for dropping your drawers in a hurry.

The Golf Swing Shirt
The Golf Swing Shirt places wearers arms into a single sleeve straitjacket close to the chest reinforcing the desired club body connection described in Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, the swing dynamics instructional bible. “As your arms become schooled, you will get the feeling that the arms and the club form one firm unit—sort of as if the two arms were equal sides of a triangle, with the club emerging like the spire of a steeple at the peak point where the arms join,” wrote Hogan. The golfing great himself bound his elbows together to imprint the sensation into his muscle memory.
Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington and renowned instructor Jimmy Ballard -- who has had everyone from Seve Ballesteros to Jesper Parnevik as his students -- have endorsed the Swing Shirt.

Smart Body Golf Performance Pack
Any golfer who has ever suffered the embarrassment of slipping and winding up on their posterior, knows that the relationship between balance and ball striking is key. Smart Body Golf’s line of exercise gear is aimed at improving your equilibrium by increasing your flexibility and body stability from the beginning of your backswing through your follow through. The performance pack includes center cut leverage discs built to optimize swing footwork, a handled exercise ball targeting rotational speed and Inside 80, a resistance training system for increasing flexibility and synchronization in your golf swing.

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