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Getaway with a romantic 'Le Week-End'

Le Week-End


They say that the heart grows fond with absence. But what about having to be with the one you love for what seems like an eternity?

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Well, "Le Week-End", a spirited dramedy about middle-aged desire playing this weekend with an exclusive engagement at the Manor Theatre in Squirrel Hill, Pa., tries to answer that question.

Serving up a story of an empty nest couple, Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and Nick (Jim Broadbent), in a loveless marriage returning to France (where they spent their honeymoon thirty years earlier) in a last-ditch attempt to rekindle that passion. It appears they need a getaway from their lives. A getaway from responsibility, a getaway from preconceptions.

However, at first it seems they might need to run away from their romantic getaway when they show up and find dingy, cramped surroundings without a nice view. From there things get worse, with talk of forced retirement, infidelity and divorce.

Sad and sorrowful at times as they fight their way through this malaise and depression. Attuned to only their own misery, they often fail to see the beauty that surrounds them in the city of lights. Of just being there.

Ebullient and joyous, in other moments, when they finally realize they can do whatever they want. Unexpected, and made all the more memorable with references and themes taken from master French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and his counterculture film, "Band of Outsiders".

Of course, the film wouldn't work without its two very capable leads in Duncan and Broadbent. They are completely convincing as a pair that knows their partners better than they know themselves. Plus Director Roger Michell and Screenwriter Hanif Kurieshi must of added things from their own lasting relationships to show what it feels like after the bloom of love is lost in a long marriage.

Jeff Golblum also provides a warm spark in a supporting role as an old friend. Golblum, a native Pittsburgher, may be giving himself a second chance at a popular acting career with this humorous performance and his recent lawyerly turn in Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel".

Getaway with "Le Week-End" now, a film that will convince you that not absence but, that presence will truly make your heart grow fonder.

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