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Los Feliz MedSpa


State of the art non-evasive laser and cosmetic procedures given in a warn decadent spa environment

It's hard to find a place for all you're spa needs in East Hollywood but there is one place that sticks out from the rest. The Los Feliz MedSpa has it all your spa needs under one roof. Founded in 2006 by board-certified physicians Drs. Michele Ware and Jawahar Sundaram, The Los Feliz MedSpa is dedicated to providing excellent results for nearly every skin type and budget with state of the art medical grade equipment. The spa offers a free consultation to see how you can benefit from their services and if you can afford all your needs they offer CareCredit. Everything from Botox to Mesotherapy Lipo Reduction can be done under one roof.


Botox Cosmetic

Frown much? Relax those furrowed brows and creases with purified protein. A few quick Botox injections keep you not just young at heart, but at face.


Glabellar lines? Never mind! Frowns get taken down, treatment after treatment.


Say “Hi!” to hyaluronic acid to volumize and correct deeper wrinkles and folds. It’s naturally found in your body, so what’s a little extra? Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus: either way, immediate results that are ultra fabulous.


Laugh more, laugh lines less. Better looking from your nose to the corners of your mouth, courtesy of hyaluronic acid, Smile thank you!


Bigger is bolder and better! Deeper lines disappear with Perlane’s plumping powers.


Get your collagen degree with Radiesse. It does more than fill in facial folds and wrinkles—it rebuilds your skin’s foundation. Calcium to the rescue!

Laser Hair Removal

Shave less, live more. With laser hair reduction, unwanted hair is reduced by 80%, and what does grow back is fine and light in color. Why wax, unless you’re just waxing poetic?

Laser Vein Removal

Heat and destroy red and blue blood vessels and pigmented lesions with laser vein removal. Gradual results lead to permanent change in as little as one session! Pass the shorts.

IPL Photofacial

Play laser tag with your brown and red spots! Take down veins, aging skin, and visible sun damage with a PhotoFacial, all for an improvement in texture and tone.

Clear + Brilliant

Brilliant Solution. Clearly Effective. Ready to take control of the aging process? Aging skin is a fact of life. The good news is the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the more you can prevent the signs of aging and maintain a younger look. What you do in your 20s and 30s will affect how you look in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Adding Clear + Brilliant to your collection of skin care tricks – at any age – will help you recover the glow, luminosity and smoothness your skin, and you, deserve.


Lasers split CO2 energy into tiny pixels that resurface discolored skin, making those brown spots, fine lines, irregular texture, surgical scars, and acne null and void. Banana splits just taste good, but Fraxel gets the job done.


No pain, no downtime, no downside. Smooth, tighten, and contour the skin with this single-treatment non-invasive body or facelift. Works from within and keeps getting better!

Cellupulse (AWT)

Svelte yoga girl, is cellulite still your nemesis? Acoustic Wave Therapy helps the body produce collagen, improving skin texture, elasticity, and firmness. For the circumference reduction downward dog doesn’t do, there’s AWT.

Mesotherapy Lipo Reduction

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique that involves a series of relatively painless injections using a combination of vitamins, minerals and other natural products. It reduces localized fat and cellulite for those in shape but with stubborn areas. The specialized combination of ingredients causes the breakdown of fat cells and facilitates mobilization and elimination of fat.

Located in the middle of Los Feliz on Hillurst Avenue it’s easy to find.

Los Feliz MedSpa

2107 N. Hillhurst Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 664-0186

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