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Get in shape at your desk with The Office Orchid

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The Office Orchid


With so many people who sit at a desk for eight or more hours a day, it's really hard to stay in shape.

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Recent studies have shown that the individuals who can stand and walk while at the workplace have fewer opportunities for developing health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, back problems, poor circulation, and more. This is why even for those glued to their desks and computers each and every work day, more of an effort has to be made to MOVE.

There are countless articles available in magazines and online about exercises that one can do at their desk while working, but that takes time and research, and frankly work time is for work - not surfing the 'Net. Well, Fitness Flower has just created an ingenious solution with the Office Orchid. Fitness Flower is the brainstorm company established by celebrity personal trainer, Estelle Shaw. A busy mother of two, Shaw's motto is “fitness that fits your life," and she's created some special products to help fit healthy routines in to dauntingly active days.

The Office Orchid is a water tumbler. Almost everyone has water tumblers at their desks, but instead of the Saints logo gracing the cup, or a colorful design of flowers, this one lists six simple exercises that can be done while sitting at work or home. The 24 oz. tumbler is double walled and incorporates illustrations of exercises by award winning artist, Greg Paprocki, and the corresponding instructions. Each exercise can be done while executing everyday work place tasks. The Office Orchid tumbler also comes with a bookmark listing six stretches as well that can be done without even leaving the desk chair.

The Office Orchid's illustrations are both cheery and trendy, the instructions are brief and clear, and the water cup itself is essential as we all need to drink more water!

This cup is such a great idea for anyone who works at a desk as it's all right there on the bottle - no magazines adding clutter to the desk, no Internet searches - the Office Orchid is the perfect way to break up that sedentary lifestyle that so many Americans are subjected to these days.

For more information on Fitness Flower and their products please visit the official website.