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Get power in the shower: Relax and learn with The Vocabulary Shower Curtain

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The Intuitive Learning Company


We whistle while we work right?, and what better way to gain knowledge, than by getting power in the shower! When we create fun ways to make learning more exciting and intriguing, we expand the possibilities in making our lives much easier, and enriching.

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Capturing the essence of learning in a comforting way allows our receptors to flow freely while receiving the information more intuitively. Vocabulary shower curtains do just that because it gives us a new exciting and innovative way to enhance and sharpen our vocabulary skills.

TILCO: The Intuitive Learning Company has developed a really nice product called the Vocabulary Shower Curtain. Its contemporary design offers bold black lettering upon a white background to give the space a clean and crisp look. The curtains are offered in many variations. Perhaps you're studying for the SAT test, the curtain spells out math concepts from probability, to slopes of lines that are graphically mapped into large bold life size designs. This makes it exceptionally easier to comprehend and in turn, your learning process becomes far more effective.

While water is known as a great enhancement relaxer, it also has healing properties, and during our relaxation time in the tub or shower, we have the ability to be more receptive to receive the information . Perhaps you're traveling afar, the vocabulary shower curtains can help prepare for your next trip. Offered in several languages like Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian, you'll get a power boost in learning and increasing your vocabulary.

The Intuitive Learning Company has been featured on NBC's Today Show, Readers Digest, and the ABC News. This is an effective new, and innovative way to help increase your vocabulary skills. They're made in 72"x 72" or large 6' x 6' panels in 100% Polyester, and are machine washable.

Happy Shopping!