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Get personal with the cast of Duck Dynasty with 'Meet the Robertsons'

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Echo Bridge Entertainment

Meet the Robertsons


When the A&E reality series Duck Dynasty hit the air in 2012 no one could have predicted the giant it would become. With each the season the series became more and more popular and not only skyrocketed them to superstardom, but branched out into one of the most recognizable merchandising brands out there. Now Echo Bridge Entertainment is taking fans on a behind the scenes look to step out of the show and learn more about the family with the documentary Meet the Robertson’s.

For anyone that hasn’t watched the show it follows the Robertson family who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander that is known for their long beards and their Christian views. This documentary doesn’t actually feature any new interviews or footage from the family or the show, but instead uses stock footage and interviews with fans, people that have known them in some capacity and those that have knowledge of their lives. While this is an interesting documentary for anyone that may be a fan of the series it offers nothing that you wouldn’t have already learned had you watched it regularly. On the flip side, not everyone checks out every episode so will finally get the inside scoop on who they are in general, but little about the show itself. Like with any documentary it leans heavily in favor of the subject, so there will surely be people who will condemn this film due to their views of who they think they are or the controversy that surrounded them.

This is a decent look at the popular TV family, but as mentioned below doesn’t do much to add to the overall nature of them all. Those that have already turned their backs on them or never liked the show in the first place will likely never check it out which is no surprise as this film was made for the hardcore fans and no one else. No matter what your personal feeling there are still plenty of fans out there so if you are one them be sure to check out Meet the Robertson’s when it hits DVD on June 3rd.