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Get Fresh Breath with Fresh Tips®

Dr. Deborah Luis invents an easy way to maintain oral care on-the-go.

Fresh Tips portable mouth freshener


When it comes to dental health, you can’t be too diligent.Your oral health is closely linked to your total health, meaning failure to care for those pearly whites puts you at an increased risk of disease. In fact, researchers have uncovered evidence that your risk of lung or heart disease, diabetes and hypertension increases by approximately 70 percent, when you skip important aspects of dental care, like brushing your teeth or going to the dentist.

Of course, you don’t need stats like these to motivate you to take of your teeth – you want to care for your teeth - after all, you know the value of your smile, but sometimes your schedule is just too crazy for a dental visit or you’re just too tired to even think about brushing your teeth before you fall into bed. But, what if caring for your teeth on-the-go was as easy as popping a breath mint, but without the calories and sugar?

Deborah Luis, D.D.S. has the solution – Fresh Tips® portable mouth freshener. It’s like a lollipop toothbrush! Fresh Tips are small, easily stored in your pocket or purse and don’t require water for rinsing or dealing with blobs of dry toothpaste – on-the-go oral care has never been so easy.

Following a meal or snack, unwrap a Fresh Tip, then brush, swirl, suck and pick. Tiny bristles help scrub plaque and bacteria, while a tiny xylitol (a sugar alcohol found in sugar-free gum, known to reduce harmful oral bacteria) mint delivers a power punch of minty flavor and additional protection. And, you can flip Fresh Tips and use the lower end for on-the-go flossing. Fresh Tips doubles as a toothpick for flossing wherever, whenever.

Fresh Tips are the perfect tool for better oral health: fight bad breath, fight plaque and fight tooth decay wherever life may take you. Fresh Tips are great for kids and adults. Flavors include mint and bubblegum. You can find more information and purchase Fresh Tips online at