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Get flipping inspired by "The King's Speech"

One Oscar nominated film worth the money.
One Oscar nominated film worth the money.

The King's Speech


If there was one movie on the list of possible Oscar wins worth your time and investment, it's "The King's Speech". At a time when everywhere we turn, we view disappointment and become engulfed in fear, this movie gives hope. It isn't a bright, shining, ain't it a perfect world kind of hope. It's a face your fears, take it on the chin, and give it a shot kind of hope.

In this movie, the prince who doesn't wish to be king finds himself in his own worst case scenerio. Having opinions and ideas and power seems exciting and effortless, but for King George VI it's anything but easy. Colin Firth has been nominated for best actor and he certainly deserves it. Playing the role of the stuttering prince who is happy to be out of the spotlight, Colin Firth helps us to struggle with him and root for him while imagining what it could be like to flop in front of an entire country.

This story is inspired by a true life-long relationship developed between King George VI and his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush. We see the confidence of a man who has nothing, materially speaking (Logue) played against one who seems to have everything (King George VI). As we journey alongside these men and their families, we find ourselves truly inspired.

One heads up for parents, though. This movie is not for munchkins. One particular word, which this examiner despises (yup, I said despises) occurs within the story multiple times. The word (which begins with "f" and ends with "k") bursts through the dialogue a good 30+ times, though I didn't actually count. Having said that, this is one rare occasion where it fits the story. According to the story, King George VI stammers continually except when singing or cussing. Therefore, his speech therapist encourages him to practice while incorporating these words so as to cease the stammering. Because of that language element, parental wisdom will be necessary when deciding to allow or not allow the viewing of this film.

Having said all that, this examiner gives "The King's Speech" five of five stars and wishes the cast and crew the best of luck at the Oscars. They deserve it.

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  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Completely agree!
    (check spelling on actor's name. Colin, not 'Colon' and use of word except, not 'accept')
    good article.

  • Profile picture of Paula Whidden
    Paula Whidden 5 years ago

    Thanks, corrections have been made.

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