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Gepetto's Theater-The Little Mermaid takes the stage in Dallas

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Gepetto's Theater-The Little Mermaid


Gepetto's Theater, one of Dallas' newest forms of renaissance, brings old world marionettes to modern audiences. Opening July 26th and running through September 1st, the stage will be filled with ocean-dwellers and song with its rendition of The Little Mermaid.

The ambiance from the moment the family enters the secretive-looking door within the Hilton Anatole is stammeringly similar to an Old-World European theater. The lanterns provide warm and just the right amount of light so as not to distract from the marionettes and their puppeteers, some of which greet guests as they enter. Seating itself is intimate, ensuring that even little people that don't want to sit up from can see.

Utilizing organic demonstrations of light, shadow and sound, the feel of the occasion remains a throwback to children's theater of the past, before it was necessary to have screens with flashy lights and booming noise for entertainment, allowing for guests to simply enjoy a good story, lively colors and the art of puppetry.

At the closing of The Little Mermaid, Gepetto's Theater will bring to life the characters of the infamous fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, guaranteed to unique. The company designs and builds their own marionettes used in the shows and trains apprentices. Coming in the fall, Gepetto's will also offer children's and adults' workshops for those who wish not only to see the lively wooden characters within the context of their plays, but who wish for a more hands on experience. Reserve tickets in advance as Gepetto's Theater and Workshop performances are quickly catching the attention of families throughout the metroplex.