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‘Geek Mythology: I Was a Teenage Immortal’ sheds light on Greek mythology

"Geek Mythology: I Was a Teenage Immortal" at The Coterie Theatre


Geek Mythology: I was a Teenage Immortal, an 80s inspired World Premiere Musical, opened Feb. 28 at Kansas City’s Coterie Theatre in Crown Center, with some rocking music, some far-out characters, bright costumes, and a message to youth to “be yourself” and let your true self shine through.

"Geek Mythology:  I Was a Teenage Immortal runs now through March 9 in the lower level of Kansas City's Crown Center at The Coterie.

The new play at The Coterie comes from the book and lyrics by Jeff Carey and music by Jessica Jackson. Tosin Morohunfola directed the world premiere of Geek Mythology: I Was a Teenage Immortal and brought the story to life with two outstanding Kansas City actors, Marcus Mull and Linnaia McKenzie.

For the premiere, author Carey came to view the reception of the play and watched as the audience rose for a standing ovation signaling its approval of the grade-school rock opera style show, guaranteed to keep younger audiences focused and amused.

The show commences with Donnie, Mull, performing and envisioning composing all the music for his high school’s prom. His high school is Dionysus High School and their mascot, a grape. Unbeknownst to him, a new girl, Cindy, McKenzie, comes to the gymnasium early to audition for a play, but tryouts are a week away. Together, they explore Greek gods and goddesses as they try to collaborate on new music for the show.

Geek Mythology: I Was a Teenage Immortal moves quickly and inspired laughs from young and mature alike. The play romps through Greek Mythology and introduces the audience to Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Poseidon, to name a few. For students who already have studied ancient Greece, the show definitely strikes a funny chord as the actors enact different scenes from the Grecian gods.

Mull, clad in a white suit, reminiscent of Elvis Presley, exuded geek charm. He’s funny. His movements awkwardly funny, his facials contorted, and his overall characterization of Donnie is priceless.

McKenzie plays straight, next to Donnie’s extreme character. But, McKenzie’s Cindy soon falls into the dreams of Donnie to help him create new music. McKenzie is cute, funny, and proves the proper balance for Donnie’s personality.

The show gives a strong message of friendship. That’s the bottom line for a geek like Donnie to break out of his make-believe world of Greek mythology and meet a real person and develop a real relationship.

The show is fun, action packed and moved a lot. It’s great for keeping the attention of students to whom it’s targeted. Adults, too, will enjoy this romp.

The show, at The Coterie from Feb. 28-March 9 also travels to schools. For grades 5-9 Geek Mythology: I Was a Teenage Immortal plays. For younger audiences, Zeus on the Loose keeps them entertained, so schools can provide special entertainment to more than one age bracket.

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