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Gear review: CamelBak Delaney

Camelbak Delaney
Camelbak Delaney

Camelbak Delaney


There’s plenty written about the importance of hydration while running so no need to beat that dead horse.

The CamelBak Delaney ($37) carries a single 21-ounce insulated Podium Chill bottle (included) with a self-sealing Jet Valve™ to give you a burst of water with just a squeeze. A convenient, and ample, zippered pocket carries the small essentials like a phone, keys and identification.

Review notes: The bottle angles to the right so if you’re a rigid lefty who refuses to mold to anything right, check out Camelbak's other hydration products for runners.

That being said, I’m a lefty and I’m fine with the right angle. Left-handed, right-handed, I still need to drink.

A big part of training for the Twin Cities Marathon is the dreaded “long weekend run” in the double digit miles. Up until this year, my runs were always in the single digits so I never needed to bring water. Now I do.

The Camelbak Delaney seemed like an obvious choice from which to start.

For me, the just wearing something around my waist is a turn-off because no matter how much a product's spec sheet drives home the “moisture wicking and good airflow” feature, there’s still something tied around your waist that traps sweat and ultimately creates a breeding ground for chafing. Minnesota’s humid summers just add to the misery.

Turns out the Camelbak Delany was the least of my miseries during my training runs. The perforated foam back panel wicked just enough moisture to keep me comfortable.

Running with the Delaney proved to be anti-climatic, which is what I had hoped would be the case. I knew it was there but even when the water bottle was full, the belt didn’t jostle, joggle or jiggle. This is important because jostling, joggling and jiggling causes chafing and friction.

The size of the water bottle (21 ounces) and the cargo capacity is perfect for my 8- to 10-mile runs, since all I carry is a phone and car key. It can hold more, like an energy bar, money, ID, iPod, etc., but I like to go minimalistic.

In my opinion, there are three things that make the Camelbak Delaney an excellent hydration system for runs up to ten miles:

  1. Podium Chill bottle: The double-walled construction keeps my water cold for about two hours.
  2. Spill-proof Jet Valve: It really is.
  3. Angle at which the Podium Chill bottle sits: Camelbak nailed the angle. When running, I just reach back (with my right hand), take a couple drinks, and set it back in the holder—and it stays in the holder, bounce-free, even during trail runs.

Final thought: Love.