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Gay Love Among the Poor: Cuba's "The Last Match" Tender and Steamy

Sexy lovers can't fight the feeling in "The Last Match"
Sexy lovers can't fight the feeling in "The Last Match"

Gay Love Story Movie


Time for DVD/VOD catch-up. Over-shadowed by several other GLBT movies I've seen lately I recently caught "The Last Match" and, except for the title, really enjoyed the movie.

What really gives this Cuban movie its edge, besides the two charismatic leads, is it deals with love among the poor. Typical love stories romanticize the blossoming relationship but spends little time on the surroundings and living conditions. But here we get more.

Our two lovers actually are seemingly straight. One has a wife and one has a girlfriend. Both situations seem born out of survival as most people who are gay in their community are either abused or left to sell themselves on the street. At least our boys are trying to make it work, mostly relying on their partner’s family to pay their way in life

Even though Reinier (Reinier Diaz) often pawns the few belongs of his wife’s mother so he can get a cool designer T-shirt or designer tennis shoes, he intends to reclaim the belongs after he makes a little money selling his body to richer older men. Being gay for pay seems to be one of the few options for struggling young men in the poor villages of Cuba. But Reinier turns out to be more “straight for pay” as while he seems to love his wife, he cannot resist the advances of his friend Yosvani (Milton Garcia), who obviously is with his girlfriend simply to cover his expenses.

Their secret love is actually quite steamy and titillating as it is soft and tender. Sure there’s nudity, but that isn’t what makes it hot. The passion the two share in their hot secret kisses that lead to a blossoming love affair is the driving force behind the movie, causing all the tension needed to keep our attention.

The movie does a great job at building sexual tension. We have all experienced an attraction to someone of the same sex, not knowing if they're even gay and getting nervous by telling them our feelings, in fear of the outcome. Those initial moments in the film seem real and relatable.

As that builds, it makes the payoff all the more worth it in "The Last Match.”

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