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Gavel Buddy - The Lesser Known Live Auction Software

Gavel Buddy Live Auction Clerking Software


For a few years now I've been using a software program for my live auctions called Gavel Buddy

While the program doesn't have all of the bells & whistles of it's larger competitors, I find it to be: Easy to use, responsive, reliable and to have great customer support. (The kind where you can still get someone helpful on the phone in almost no time!) To be honest, I find that NOT having the clutter of a bunch of features I don't need to be refreshing.

The neat, streamlined fashion of Gavel Buddy has been a cinch to learn and keep up with.

There are three versions of Gavel Buddy. Gavel Buddy Web, Gavel Buddy Standalone, and Gavel Buddy Live. This is common in the industry. The monthly cost for the online service as I write this is $59 per month, the Standalone is $695 and the monthly fee for Gavel Buddy Live is $295.

All three versions are quite a bit lower in price than the competition.

So far I've been a customer only for the Gavel Buddy Web which I use to clerk my live auctions. With it you need an internet connection and two computers. I use a Mac and a PC. I think my favorite thing about GBW is that you don't have to download any clunky software and you can use any computer that you can connect online.

Basically, the clerk enters the auction information and the cashier accesses it when people check out. Lots can be pre-entered of course, and multiple auctions can be set up in advance. Just about every option you can think of is available to pre-set if you choose. Sales tax rates, buyer's and seller's premiums, sliding commission rates are all customizable.

If you want great live auction software without breaking the bank, I highly recommend giving Gavel Buddy a try. Oh, and they have a 14 day, free trial.

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