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Gasmilk releases infectious singles before anticipated EP

Brian Lee White



Gasmilk is a moniker for Oakland CA’s indie pop dance producer/singer-songwriter Brian Lee White. He’s currently penning his debut EP expected to be released this year. Although he’s leaked three singles already: '2 of Us,' 'Modern Heartbreak,' and 'Slow.' Why? Beats me, but all three are teasers catchy enough to have you wanting more… I guess that answers the question.

The Former

White has an uncanny knack for blurring lines between lush melodies and synthetic rhythms, ‘2 of Us’ is a prime example of this. There’s something retro about the reoccurring synth kick that silhouettes White’s pensive vocal lines. The transient groove undulates in and out with artful precision; producing a sound that only White could have created by following his musical instincts. With sounds that suggest inspirations suffused in the 80’s, ‘2 of Us’ is delightfully retro and supremely infectious.

The Middle one…

Modern Heartbreak’—not to be confused with ‘Heartbreak Warfare’—is one of those numbers you put on repeat until it starts to annoy you. With an uplifting beat and a sing-along hook-line you’ll want to have this playing until your ears get tired. Much like ‘2 of Us,’ the rhythmic synth textures are retro, yet refreshingly modern all at once. And the buoyant groove rolls in a hip indie-dance kind of way.

The Latter

Slow’ is a fast paced hard-hitting number. It’s a bit edgier in regards to the first two singles. It plays more like an indie club mix than an indie dance mix… if that makes sense. It’s veiled in a subtle cosmic darkness, that’s not as bubbly as his other works, yet still poppy. The melody and rhythms combine to make a sound that’s all together whimsical and hypnotic.

All Things Considered

Everything adds up to a collection of contrasting songs each with characteristic elements distinguishing them from one another, still the retro soundscape and electronica dance theme cohesively bind the tracks together splendidly. These three songs are a wonderfully crafted addition to the Indie-dance pop subgenre, and are invariably the next step in Mr. White’s stylistic development and growing success. His debut EP is highly anticipated by many I’m sure.